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“It must be remembered that it is only because of people like Ms. Yamamoto that we truly come to understand war and its destructive consequences because they are willing to risk everything by placing themselves at the heart of the fighting. They also provide a platform to hear the voices of the common people who suffer most during times of conflict.” -The Japan Times Editorial Dpt



When journalists die in the field it hits deep in many of us. Because these people are not combat personal, they do not carry arms, they are there for one reason only, to cover the peoples plight in face of despicable violence. Violence perpetrated by human beings on one another, its deplorable and oh so sad.



But it is reality, and has been so for countless of years. But if we are to understand just a snippet of the violence that actually takes place on the borders of war, we need people like Ms Yamamoto, people who can put themselves in the middle of the fight and give us an accurate image of the events.



There are to few journalists nowadays ready to actually seek out the truth, hiding behind escorts and getting embedded with their own forces. How can we accurately report war without seeing both sides of the conflict, how can we look upon our self and say, “yes this is the correct image of the war” when the camera only is on one side of the guns. Even if we have preconceived feelings and notions, we can never accurately convey a conflict without access to both sides.



An excellent documentary is “south of the border” by Oliver Stone. It has been labeled as biased and anti American because of its subject matter. We do not get to see interviews with US states people, we get to hear and see the leaders of South America showing their anger towards the American leaders for their, as they say, bullying of South America and its people. It is refreshing seeing a documentary as this, and the reason is that the camera is on the side it rarely goes to. We can call it “the enemy side”, but who is really the enemy? How can we label nations and people as enemies, nowadays it’s a hard sell.


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